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Collective Wisdom delivers sustainable business improvement to medium to large organisations

Our Approach

Collective Wisdom delivers sustainable business improvement to medium to large organisations using a solutions focused approach. ‘The Collective’ works in partnership with client organisations to develop and manage a programme of organisational and performance development, improvement and change. The firms’ collective knowledge and experience blended with that of the client organisation, ensures a route forward to positive change through a programme that utilises a unique approach encompassing consulting, training and coaching.

To help us achieve this, we have developed the 5C’s that lead to positive change…


We CONNECT with your organisation to collectively understand what the CHALLENGE is. We then COLLABORATE with you and together we CONTRIBUTE to the strategy, CHALLENGE the logic and CAPTURE the insights and outputs which are then translated into requirements and deliverables in order to achieve the desired goals. Output programmes can be made up of various elements including Facilitated events, operational and business consultancy, one to one interventions, group facilitation, training and coaching.

One such output programme is ‘Conversations That Stick’, which has already been delivered to Senior Managers, Regional Managers and Retail Managers for a FTSE 100 firm.


Conversations That Stick‘ is a process and method of having formal and informal brief conversations that maximise ways of improving many aspects of modern management such as Influence, Engagement, Performance Management, Talent Development, Productivity and Results. It brings together many aspects of learning and builds skills that improve all aspects of communications. The programme is customisable to suit any specific organisational aims.

Everything begins with a conversation and the first one is absolutely FREE and with no obligation. Within that initial conversation, we engage with you to explore the possible scope and outcome scenarios that might fit the bill.

Then, should you want to find out more, we set-up a Specification Audit, which is a chargeable half-day workshop where we COLLABORATE for the first time to understand the status quo, focus on positive change outputs and develop the programme to deliver it. The cost of this session is discounted from the programme, should you wish to proceed. We then start the ball rolling and together deliver sustainable and meaningful organisational, development, improvement and change.

To start the conversation, call us on 01202 064560 or email




Rob is an experienced and qualified solution focused coach, consultant , facilitator and trainer. He is a member of the SFCT , a global association for Solution Focused Consulting and Training He has a background as a professional sports coach. He has solution focused coaching, training and facilitation experience in Accountancy, Private Equity, Banking, Facilities Management, Retail pharmaceutical, IT sales recruitment, Education and Sport. He specializes in transformational organizational and

leadership changes and has a strong track record of working with MD’s, Partners and Directors.
He is passionate about working with quality organisations who are focused on delivering the highest quality programs for their staff in terms of supporting them to achieve increasing levels of progress through sometimes challenging environments .

His work worked as a facilitator, developer and coach spans a wide range of companies ranging from Charities to Accountants such as Ernst and Young to the education sector where he has worked for several LEA’s in UK and Scotland working on leadership and culture change programs.



Trained at the London School of Economics in decision sciences and strategic marketing, Neil started out as a Journalist before starting his creative and marketing agency in 1994, specialising in bringing businesses, products and creative projects to the market.

Within the world of business support, Neil has brought a wide range of businesses, products and brands to the global market including computer software products and publishers, books, films, magazines, consulting firms, professional services organisations and retailers.

Over the last 20 years he has worked across both the public and private sectors, assisting organisations to plan campaigns, develop brand equity and longevity and to meet operational goals through the use of strategic and pure marketing techniques.

He is a trained facilitator and highly experienced consultant with strategic vision.
Neil is able to help work creatively with strategy and objectives and is able with Rob to effectively create stronger ” brand sticking” through understanding the brand value and integrating/aligning it fully behaviorally for your people inside and also for your customers. He is a trained facilitator and highly experienced consultant with strategic vision.